Choosing the right inspector is very important.

How does your inspection take place?

1. The choice of the building inspector

  • Holds professional liability insurance against mistakes, errors or omissions;
  • Uses a recognized inspection service agreement;
  • Carry out inspections in accordance with a recognized building inspection practice standard;
  • Provides a written report to the party using its services;

2. Contacting the building inspection professional

  • Inspection costs taking into account the type of building and its age
  • The date and time of the inspection depending on the availability of the building inspector and the people concerned. It is important to do the inspection in daylight, and your presence is important.
  • Inspection time: For a single-family home, you usually need to allow 2 to 3 hours to do a good inspection and answer the buyer's questions.
  • Is the seller's declaration available (DV)? The inspector will read this important document to have as much information about the building as possible, before the day of the inspection if possible.

3. The building inspector takes action

  • It is important that the buyer accompany the home inspector on the day of the inspection. Many verbal explanations will be given, so it will be easier to understand the different problems encountered. In addition, the buyer will then have the opportunity to ask questions.
  • “Is this crack in the foundation compromising the strength of the house? Should I worry about wear and tear on the roof?
  • Now is the time to ask the inspector for advice!
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4. Submission of the inspection report

  • The inspection report is much more than a simple formality since to renegotiate the sale price, choose the work to be carried out as a priority or in the event of legal proceedings, the parties involved will have to rely on what has been recorded. in writing to make their point. “the words fly away and the writings remain”
  • The inspection report in PDF version is usually sent between 24 and 48 hours. You will find in this document elements that the inspector spoke to you about during the inspection, but reading the report in full is recommended in order to have the most accurate assessment of the inspection.

5. How to use the inspection report to finalize the transaction

  • Make a list of the problems that are irritating to you or that are more urgent depending on the level of seriousness highlighted by the inspector. If the required work results in expenses not initially anticipated, contact a few certified contractors with the required skills to obtain prices.
  • By listing the work with the price associated with it, your perception of the value of the property will undoubtedly no longer be the same. You can use the inspection report to support your decision to negotiate or walk away from the transaction.
  • You can submit a new purchase offer, which will reflect the cost of the work that you consider important. Or, ask the seller to carry out some corrective work before handing you the keys.
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